Really happy to inform you that two of our Second year students from Pioneer Dental Academy Scored Rank 1 & Rank 6 in the All India Institute of Medical Sciences(AIIMS) (2016) Examination. Out of Seven seats First Rank is Dr.VijayaBharathy.,BDS. and Rank 6 is Dr.Saravanan ,held in the year of 2016-17 . A great Success to Pioneer Dental Academy . Best wishes for the Students of Pioneer Dental Academy !

Prof. Dr. K.S.G A Nasser

Founder / Professor

Former Principal of Tamil Nadu Government Dental College & Hospital

Dr. Gamal Abdul Nasser, MDS, Ph.D., a multiple gold medalist, completed BDS at Madras Medical College in the year 1977 & PG from Madras Dental College & Hospital in the year 1984 and a PhD from Guindy Engineering College, Anna University, Chennai. He has completed 35 years of unblemished Medical service of Tamil Nadu and retired in the year of 2014 after serving as the principal of Tamil Nadu Government Dental College & Hospital from the year 2006. He has given numerous lectures and conducted various workshops & seminars throughout the country. His service as principal can be called as the 'GOLDEN era of Governemnt Dental College'. He secured land worth 52 grounds individually and arranged for the construction of a


new college building which was inaugurated by the Hon'ble Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu on 3.3.12 and declared as 'Centre of excellence in Dentistry' on 20.4.12. He also constructed a new ladies hostel building for the benefit of female students. About 158 electrically operated dental chairs worth more than two crore rupees were purchased during his tenure as principal and PG seats were increased from 20 to 40 in almost all the departments. For all these services to his college, he received the 'Best Performing Doctor' Award in the year 2013. Dr.Nasser is also an exceptional human being and under his guidance, 79,000 corporation school students received free dental care for which he received 'Dr.K.S.Sanjivi Award' in the year 2009. He is an academician , Administrator and an Excellent Clinician!

Awards & Accolades

Basic Metal & Ceramic Work

Best Performer award for the year 2013

Metal Ceramic Technology

Cobalt Ceramic technology

Basics Cobalt Chrome Work

IVth Year BDS Best Out going Stdudent

Double Crown and Telelescope Crown

For Esthetic Dentistry

partial Denture Milling, Telescope& Anchor work

Implant Laboratory Training

Governors Gold medal & Dr.Mathias Medal

Precision Attachment and Cast Partial Denture

Dr.JAS Masilamani Award& Jawaharlal Fund Memorial award

Advanced Ceramic Seminar

Advanced Ceramic work

Hiceram Porcelain

Ancora Attachment Course

Charles Weiss Implant Work shop

Health Secretarys Certificate-1

Health Secretarys Certificate-2

Phd Certificate from Anna University

Training Abroad

 1986 : Cobalt - Chrome Technique,Bremen from 25.08.1986 to 29.08.1986.
 1986 : Esthetic Dentistry - 4.9.1986 - Wehrheim, Germany.
 1986 : VITA VMK Course - utilizing a non-precious Metal Alloy, Bad Sackingen, Germanyfrom 18.08.1986 to 22.08.1986.
 1987 : Vita Hi – Ceram Course, BadSackingen, Germany from 15.10.1987 to 16.10.1987.
 1987 : Precision attachment cast partial denture, Breman from 15.10.1987 to 17.10.1987.
 1990 : Partial Technique, Milling Technique, Anchor Technique & Metal Ceramics, Bremen, Germany from 09.07.1990 to 20.07.1990.
 1992 : Barely soc of Oral Implant - Hanelan– Barely from 27.02.1992 to 28.02.1992.
 1998 : MKI Attachment course from Sande/Germany
 1999 : Ultradent – Utah, USA from 08.08.1999 to 09.08.1999.
 2000 : Ancoreattachment, Bremen, Germany from 24.07.2000 to 28.07.2000.
 2001 : Advances in Oral Implant at Germany.
 2003 : Implant Prosthetics workshop at Germanyfrom 12.09.2003 to 14.09.2003.

Workshop / Seminars attented

 1987 : Vita Ceramics Advanced Seminar – Bad Sackingen, Germany from 12.10.1987 to14.10.1987.
 1990 : Vita Ceramics Advanced Seminar – Bad Sackingen, Germany from 30.07.1990 to 01.08.1990.
 1990 : Charles weiss: Advanced oral Implantology, Bangalore.
 1991 : Advanced oral Implants - Charles weiss : Oral Implant surgical Seminar, Bangalore from 07.09.1991 to 08.09.1991.
 1995 : Invited by professor Beumer to U.C.L.A. for Maxillo facial Prosthetics work for a period of two weeks.The Implant prosthetic Seminar on SemadossImplants at Bremen, Germany. The lecture and the surgical demonstration of FRIALIT II by Prof.Khury at Oldsburg, Germany
 1996 : Noritake super porcelain course, Madras
 1996 : Pre Conference Course in Oral Implantologists, 4th National Conference Bangalore on 22nd Nov. 1996.
 1996 : India’s Oral Implant at Bangalore from 23.11.1996 to 24.11.1996.
 1996 : Oral test Oral Implant Seminar, Chennai from 6.11.1997 to 7.11.1997.
 1997 : IOA 51stIDA Conference,Coimbatore from 19.01.1997 to 31.01.1997.
 1998 : Management of Um/Bilateral saddle with precision attachment 20th Annual Conference IPS, Bangalore from 28th to 29th Nov. 1998.
 2000 : International Seminar on Oral Implant, Mumbai from 15.07.2000 to 16.07.2000.
 2000 : Ancora attachment according to the BEGO, Bremen, Germany from 24.07.2000 to 28.07.2000
 2000 : Participated as a Delegate in 3rd Triennial Commonwealth Dental Association & 54th Indian Dental Association Congress, New Delhi, Indian from 28th Jan 2000 to 04 Feb. 2000.
 2001 : Workshop, Advances in Oral Implantology, Mumbai.

First year Dr.Sandya of Pioneer Dental Academy scored First Rank in the All India Dental PG Entrance Examination (2015)